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Linkage and Steering Stem
June 2009 Tip   Grease Linkage,Shock Eyes, Swing arm pivot and Steering head set.

Your ride quality is not just in your shock and forks it is in your Linkage,Shock Eyes, Swing arm pivot and

Steering head set all of these pivots need to be maintained to keep a smooth ride.

When your bike comes from the factory no mater what brand it is it has a light film of grease on the linkage
pivots,swing arm pivot and steering head. It seems like they just put enough grease on these pivots so they

wont rust. You need to keep these points well greased this will help keep your suspension and steering

smooth. Most riders wait until there is a problem before taking it apart and at that time you have to

replace the bearings. It is best to prevent having any problems we all know that a problem will happen at the

wrong time. Please refer to your owners manual when working on your motorcycle. You need to re grease all

pivots every 40 hours of riding. There are A lot of greases out there to choose from make sure you get a water

proof and impact resistant grease. Our pivot grease is specially made for all pivot points and steering head,it is 

Impact resistant and waterproof. It needs to be waterproof because we all use a pressure washer to clean 

our bikes and this can get through the seals and to the bearings. Impact resistant because there is a lot of

force on these points and you don't want the grease to push off the bearings.  

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