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Basic Fork Maintenance

                                 July 2009 Tip           
Basic Front Fork Maintenance

There are a few things you need and can do to keep your forks working properly between services. Air

pressure builds up in your forks and you need to release it. You do this by the pressure release screw on the

top of your forks. With the bike on the stand, unscrew and release the pressure out of each fork, every ride or

race day,  this will give you a smoother ride. If it is a hot day you should do this between motos. There are

pressure release valves you can buy, look for the ones that are made out of stainless steel. The

aluminum ones seem to have problems. Next you want to make sure that there isn't any dirt or dried mud on

the fork tubes because it will shove through the seal and cause a leak and prematurely ware the bushings out.

When you are maintaining your bike during the week it is recommended that you grease your fork seals and

bushings, this is done by removing the dust seals and sliding them down the tube wipe out any dirt from the

seals and rub SF3 grease around the tube close to the fork seals then push the forks up and down and the

grease will spread to the seals and bushings. Replace the scraper seal and wipe any excess grease from

the tubes. Inspect your inner tubes for little nicks if you find one you need to remove it or it will cut your fork

seal and cause a leak. You remove it with 600 wet and dry sand paper. When sanding the nick out sand

around the tube not up and down it. These tips will help the life of your forks. 







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